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Misconceptions about the South Ferry loop subway station

Friday, March 13th, 2009

South Ferry loop subway station

South Ferry loop subway station

Now that the South Ferry subway station is back in the news due to the imminent opening of the new 2-track subway terminal, I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions.

South Ferry misconception #1: A new subway station was needed because the loop station can only platform 5 cars of the train.

  • Reality: The platform can actually hold 7 cars, but due to several reason (both good and bad), only 5 cars can be opened. So if instead of building a whole new station you just wanted to extended the length of the existing station, you’d only need to build 3 car lengths of platform, not 5 car lengths.

South Ferry misconception #2: A new subway station was needed because the loop station only has one exit/entry.

  • Reality: So build more! Why do you need a whole new station just to add some new exits to street level? In fact, there was a second entrance built – it was used while the new ferry terminal was being built and the original entrance had to be temporarily closed. But then they closed the second entrance when the ferry terminal was completed. So adding more staircases would not be that big of a deal.

South Ferry misconception #3: Being able to use all 10-cars on the way to the ferry is so awesome!

  • Reality: Subway riders position themselves on the train so that they are closest to their exit. The closest exit from the new subway terminal to the ferry terminal will be at the front of the train. So that’s where everyone is going to want to be. So, IMO, the vast majority of people will still only be using the front half of the train!

When will the new South Ferry on the (1) open for service?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008


The MTA website today says that the new terminal for the West Side IRT at South Ferry in on schedule to be completed by February 2009. However, the terminal may open for service earlier than that. NYCT may be able to begin running in-service trains into the terminal before it is 100% complete. Of course, the terminal could also open sometime after February 2009. As far as fans of the current South Ferry loop care, the opening of the new terminal can be – never.