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New York City Subway goes Web 2.0

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I was doing a Google search today for information on a certain MetroCard when I ran across some flickr photos of the Rockettes handing out MetroCards at the World Trade Center terminal of the (E) subway line. I thought “hey, that’s funny, I was there too and I took some very similar photos.”

So I looked closer at this user’s photostream and saw that all of the photos had to do with either MetroCard promotions or popular tourist sites that New York City Transit can bring you to. This had to be something official.

Final confirmation came when I clicked on the user’s Profile and read this:

New York City Transit’s official Flickr account informs viewers of MetroCard Deals, special events, and points of interest to be found while traveling on its subways and buses. Visit us at

So the New York City subway has gone social! It’s part of Web 2.0! Congrats!

The subway’s flickr account is “MetroCard City 2009“.

flickr: MetroCard City 2009

flickr: MetroCard City 2009