Trains, trains, trains

Top Speeds observed (via GPS or speedometer): PATCO = 68.1 MPH Rt 100 = 69.7 MPH BSS = 62 MPH Itinerary: PATCO local to Lindenwold PATCO express to 8th & Market St. Walked to Market East Station R2 to Wilmington R2 to Sharon Hill Walked to Rt 102 trolley terminal Rt 102 to 69th St Lunch at 69th St Rt 100 (Limited) to Norristown R6 to North Broad Broad Street Subway local to Erie Broad Street Subway express to Fern Rock Broad Street Subway express to Girard Rt 15 to Reading Viaduct Rt 15 to Market-Frankford El at Girard Market-Frankford El to 8th PATCO local to Woodcrest