Trains, trains, trains

Top speeds observed by speedometer or GPS: SEPTA R7 = 75+ MPH SEPTA Broad Street Line (Ridge Line train) = 58 MPH NJT Atlantic City Line = 80 MPH PATCO = 65 MPH Itinerary [*]PATCO to Center City [*]8:55 R1 to Eastwick (left ~20 minutes late) [*]Walk to the Rt 36 Eastwick Loop Rt 36th to 30th St Transfer to Rt 10 Rt 10 to Girard Ave Transfer to Rt 15 Rt 15 to Broad Street Broad Street Ridge Line Subway to 8th Street Lunch in Center City Market Frankford Line to Frankford Terminal Rt 66 to a point on Frankford Ave Walk to Torresdale R7 stop R7 to North Philadelphia BSS Ridge Line to Olney BSS Local to Fern Rock (rode around the loop) BSS Ridge Line Train to Fairmount station on the Ridge Line BSS Local to City Hall MFL to 30th Street NJT ACL Train to Lindenwold PATCO to Woodcrest or Center City