Bypassing the (A) platform at Fulton Street

It seems that the NY Times is reporting that NYCT is claiming that a new passageway will be built to bypass the (A) and (C) lines platform at Fulton Street for people transfering between subway lines east and west of the (A).

With the federal money, the transportation authority will put up a new glass station on the corner of Broadway and Fulton Street, which is now a fenced-in dirt lot, according to Elliot G. Sander, the agency’s executive director.

The authority will also go ahead with a plan to build a bypass hallway in the area where the A and C lines stop, said Kevin Ortiz, an authority spokesman.

“We will be able to eliminate the maze of ramps,” Mr. Ortiz said of the station, which recorded 66,293 MetroCard swipes in December 2007, the most recent month for which statistics were available, making it the seventh busiest of the city’s 468 subway stops.

So what in the world are they talking about? I know of no existing or proposed plans to build a bypass passageway as part of the Fulton Street Transit Center project.

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