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Why NYCT employees think photography is not allowed

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Another SubChat gem…

Re: Speed Limits

Posted by Zman179 on Sun Oct 5 21:49:46 2008, in response to Re: Speed Limits, posted by Alex L. on Sun Oct 5 21:30:53 2008.

I’m having difficulty trying to find it myself via the new rule numbers, but the old rule number was 36(i).

Here’s the link: Read up and down the subthread.

They can’t even keep track of a rule as seemingly important as this. So how will they ever be able to keep track of whether or not photography is allowed????

Another Subway Barge Has Sailed

Saturday, October 4th, 2008


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Looks like the barge left today(10-04-2008)…

Mowing Ballparks and Milwaukee

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I saw the title of the following article and immediately suspected that Milwaukee may be mentioned, since I recalled reading long ago about the Brewers’ groundskeepers and their famous field grass designs.

Groundskeepers Display Artistry on the Diamond

I was right.

He was an assistant groundskeeper at Milwaukee County Stadium in 1993 when a concert badly damaged the grass in the outfield. With the support of the head groundskeeper Gary Vanden Berg, Mellor mowed a busy pattern to serve as camouflage. The design, not the damage, was all anyone noticed.

“I still think that was the coolest pattern he ever made,” Vanden Berg said.

Mellor found himself with a niche, and others followed.

Daniels & Webster’s 5000th Radio Show

Friday, October 3rd, 2008


My favorite radio duo, Daniels & Webster, are celebrating their 5000th radio show today.

Research performed by the Times-Tribune and Shamrock Communications has thus far failed to find another duo that’s worked together at the same radio station for as long as Daniels & Webster.

That’s awesome! I used to listen to them every morning on Rock 107 during middle school and high school, and I tape recorded a lot of their skits. In fact, when they released their compilation CD “Wind Beneath My Seat” in 1999, I already had a lot of the material in my personal collection. Congrats guys!

Oh, and hopefully I’ll be getting their fourth album today, “Sgt. Lumpy’s Auto Parts Club Band“.