SEPTA Philadelphia Beer Week day pass revised again and again

Last night is seemed this was all over and done with. A corrected version (showing the Philadelphia skyline) of the SEPTA day pass had been posted the SEPTA online store.

However, it looks like’s criticism (Feb 11) of the Philadelphia skyline photo chosen was heard and has been acted upon:

Given that this whole conversation stems from Philly Skyline’s regular skyline inspections, it would be inappropriate if I did not point out that the new graphic’s skyline photo is old enough that it does not include Comcast Center. You know Comcast Center — the place where Beer Week ceremoniously kicks off with the Opening Tap, the official Philly Beer Week Keg Hammer of Glory.

Tell you what, Septa. Since I know you’re reading this, how ’bout this. I will provide you with a recent image of the skyline — with Comcast Center, the Ritz-Carlton, 10 Rittenhouse, Murano, whatever you like — in exchange for a Beer Week pass for every day of the event. It’ll be like our own little Billy Ripken ’89 Fleer legacy. Gimme a yell — blove AT phillyskyline DOT com.

Either they took him up on his offer, or they found a better photo on their own. Here’s what appeared at the SEPTA online store a short while ago:

SEPTA Philly Beer Week 2009 pass - 3rd version

SEPTA Philly Beer Week 2009 pass - 3rd version

You can see that besides the use of what looks to be a more recent photo, the “missing comma” error was also corrected.

Then I refreshed the website a few minutes later and a slightly different pass showed up, this time named “Beer Week Sample Pass final.jpg”:

SEPTA Philly Beer Week 2009 pass - 4th version

SEPTA Philly Beer Week 2009 pass - 4th version

Will it really be the FINAL design? Stay tuned…


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