Take Transit to the Steelers Super Bowl XLIII Victory Parade


The Pittsburgh Steelers just won the Super Bowl, so what are you going to do??? RIDE TRANSIT! Yes, the mayor of Pittsburgh urges everyone to take transit to today’s parade. But will the buses and light rail trains be able to handle it?

Unfortunately, the Port Authority offers no specific information on their website about how to best travel to the parade, except to say that many bus routes will be detoured and will experience delays. There’s no mention of extra service, best routes, or best stops to use.

In light of what happened in Philadelphia when everyone tried to take SEPTA to the Phillies parade, and in light of general increased transit usage and recent decreased bus service (IINM) in the Pittsburgh area, I hope the Port Authority pulls through.

Having visited Pittsburgh two years ago, and being partial to rail-based transit, I can say that they have a really nice light rail system (with downtown subway section), but it is only a shadow of what Pittsburgh’s trolley system once was. All those abandoned rail lines would have come in handy now (and every day, for that matter). Fortunately, Pittsburgh has innovative busways (dedicated roadways just for buses) that are better than nothing.


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