Free vitaminwater10 at Penn Station this morning


As I exited the rat hole that is the current Penn Station, I was offered my choice of four new flavors of glaceau’s vitaminwater10 “low cal nutrient enhanced water beverage”. I went for “recoup”, which is “peach-mandarin”. Don’t recall what the other three new flavors were. I picked up my bottle at the corner of 8 Av and 31 St. They weren’t on ice, though the chilly morning has the bottle feeling a tad cold. I’ll cool it down in the fridge anyhow before trying it.

Wait, I found a list of the new flavors in a press release from earlier this month:

  • go-go (mixed berry)
  • mega-c (grape raspberry)
  • recoup (peach-mandarin)
  • revitalize (green tea)
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