Busted Broadway Bridge Breaks 1 Train Service

Posted: 12/30/2011 3:24PM

Due to mechanical problems on the Harlem River Bridge, there is no  train service in both directions from the 215th Street Station to the 242nd Street-Van Cortlandt Park Station.

As an alternative, customers are advised to take Bx7 or Bx9 bus making nearby station stops.

Please allow additional travel time.


This has been going on for almost an hour now. They keep sounding the horn as if the bridge is going to be lifted but then nothing happens. I saw a tug boat so it seems as if it may be trying to get under the bridge. Maybe the bridge broke?

And by the way, if the 1 train can’t cross the bridge, neither can the Bx7! And neither can people who take the Bx9 to 225th Street! When the bridge is in this state, trains, vehicles, and pedestrians are all prohibited from crossing the bridge! And Broadway is probably all backed up in both directions! So the suggested alternative is practically useless!

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One Response to Busted Broadway Bridge Breaks 1 Train Service

  1. Lisa says:

    It took me 20 minutes to go 10 blocks on the BX9. You’re better off walking.

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