Meadowlands Rail Service Information on NJT Website



Following last month’s release of Meadowlands Station rail service information by the MTA, New Jersey Transit has now posted information of its own.

As was also mentioned in recent news articles, the NJT webpage announces that service will begin in June 2009 for special events and that a season-long NJT travel pass called the “GAMEDAY PASS” will be available for $110. Additionally, NJT introduces us to the idea that Rail-GatingTM is the New Tail-Gating.

Source: BusChat

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3 Responses to Meadowlands Rail Service Information on NJT Website

  1. Fred G says:

    I’m curious to see what Rail-GatingTM involves. Rucksacks filled with picnic treats?

  2. brian says:

    And everyone gets a free penny to put on the tracks to get flattened by the outbound train.

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