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MTA too busy tailgating to notice Press Release screw up

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


MTA officials were too busy tailgating with NJ Transit officials at Penn Station New York today to notice the significant and glaring error in their all important press release.

The press release, meant to announce the beginning of both LIRR/MNCR+NJT joint-ticketing to the Meadowlands and direct Metro-North New Haven line service to Secaucus, is only successful with the former. That’s because the press release GOT THE DATE WRONG of the first direct New Haven line train!!!!

In addition, Metro-North will be introducing a new direct service from major New Haven Line stations to the Meadowlands (via Secaucus Junction) for football games starting at 1 p.m. From there, shuttle trains will bring fans directly to the new Meadowlands Station and the game. Metro-North New Haven line direct service begins as the regular season kicks off on Sunday, September 13 with the NY Giants/Washington Redskins game that starts at 1 p.m. [Emphasis added]

Good job, MTA. Way to go.

You see, the 9/13/2009 game actually starts at 4:15 PM, thus making it ineligible for direct New Haven line service. The correct start date of direct New Haven line service is Sunday, September 20, 2009, when the New York Jets host the New England Patriots with a 1:00 PM kickoff.

In case the MTA goes and corrects the press release, below is a screen shot with the offending material highlighted.

UN believable

UN believable

Real-time departure boards for NJT Secaucus Junction available online

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


UPDATE: DepartureVision is actually online and working for possibly all stations in the system. Go here, click on a station, and then add “-mobile” after the “tid” part of the URL. Source: NJ Transit Rail forum


New Jersey Transit has announced the trial implementation of real-time train arrival / departure boards available to mobile-internet users for the Secaucus Junction train station. It is being called DepartureVision™.

Using a mobile phone or device with internet capabilities, you can now see the upcoming arrivals / departures for the upper and lower levels (separately) of the Secaucus Junction station, including the scheduled arrival time, track assignment, and train status (on-time, 7 minutes late, etc.). A cool feature is that clicking on a train’s arrival time brings up a list of all the stops that train will be making after Secaucus Junction. Quite importantly, and as noted in the press release:

Customers who use the new Meadowlands Rail Line to travel to and from football games or major events will be able to check their Secaucus connections from Giants Stadium.


To see a large screen shot of what DepartureVision looks like, click the image below.

DepartureVision for the Upper Level of Secaucus Junction - click to see a higher resolution image

DepartureVision for the Upper Level of Secaucus Junction - click to see a higher resolution image

For much more information about this great new service, read the Customer Notice.

I hope this trial is very successful, and leads to DepartureVision being made available for all train stations in the New Jersey Transit rail system.

LIRR to offer joint ticket to Meadowlands Sports Complex Rail Station

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


You can now buy and use a single train ticket to ride from stations on the Long Island Rail Road all the way to the Meadowlands Sports Complex in New Jersey, home of Giants Stadium, a new football stadium to be named later, and the Izod Center (as well as the Meadowlands Racetrack and the unfinished Xanadu).

But be careful – even though New Jersey Transit will be running trains to the Meadowlands for events other than Giants and Jets football games, the LIRR thru-tickets are only “officially” valid for football game days. This may have something to do with the fact that, as the LIRR notes, you must show your rail ticket at the fare gates at Secaucus Junction, instead of feeding it through the turnstile, since the LIRR ticket stock does not have the magnetic stripe like the NJT ticket stock.

Read all about this LIRR/NJT joint ticketing initiative here: That LIRR web page even features a nifty diagram of part of Penn Station, to help people make the LIRR -> NJT transfer. The other part of the graphic is an extremely simple route diagram of the rail service. You can see them below:

Click to see a bigger version

Click to see a bigger version

Oh, and Metro-North is doing the same thing. Even though they are running direct trains from the New Haven line to Secaucus Junction on the days of Sunday 1 PM games, you can also buy a joint ticket from any Metro-North station that you can use to get all the way to the Meadowlands. You will of course need to get from Grand Central Terminal to Penn Station New York in order to board a New Jersey Transit train to Secaucus. The brochure linked to in my recent post on this topic explains things in much much greater detail.

P.S. And no, you can’t buy an LIRR ticket from Penn Station New York to the Meadowlands. I know, because I tried it this evening. Would have been (pointlessly) cool though, in a railfanning kind of way.

Update: Here’s a good Newsday article on the topic of the joint-ticketing.

Meadowlands Rail Station Ribbon Cutting Today

Monday, July 20th, 2009


A ribbon cutting ceremony and inaugural train ride to the new NJ Transit Meadowlands Rail Station is taking place today.

NJT makes official announcement of start of Meadowlands rail service

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009


As I first posted two week ago, NJT rail service to the Meadowlands will begin on July 26, 2009. New Jersey Transit made the official announcement of this today.

An excerpt:


Rail service to major Giants Stadium events begins July 26
July 8, 2009

NEWARK, NJ – NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Richard Sarles today announced the official start date for rail service to the Meadowlands Sports Complex, which will provide a new, convenient travel option for customers via Hoboken Terminal or Frank R. Lautenberg Station at Secaucus Junction.

Rail service to major events at Giants Stadium will launch Sunday, July 26, for the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final championship soccer match.

“The startup of rail service to the Meadowlands Sports Complex is great news for New Jersey residents because it will be easier than ever to avoid roadway congestion and take our convenient public transportation system to world-class sporting and entertainment events,” said Governor Jon S. Corzine.

Though the official announcement was made today, NJT’s FYI monthly customer newsletter jumped the gun and announced it back in June.


Those darn interns and their funny MTA SERVICE ALERT mistakes

Friday, June 19th, 2009

maximum LOLs to be had

This NYCT SERVICE ALERT appeared at Tuesday morning. Upon seeing it, I says to myself, I says: “Have trolley tracks been relaid in the Bronx and have the (B), (D), and (F) trains been diverted to run along them?!?!?”

In case you’re not getting the joke, look at the last paragraph.

Meadowlands Rail Service Information on NJT Website

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009



Following last month’s release of Meadowlands Station rail service information by the MTA, New Jersey Transit has now posted information of its own.

As was also mentioned in recent news articles, the NJT webpage announces that service will begin in June 2009 for special events and that a season-long NJT travel pass called the “GAMEDAY PASS” will be available for $110. Additionally, NJT introduces us to the idea that Rail-GatingTM is the New Tail-Gating.

Source: BusChat

Meadowlands Rail Station coming along but when will it be done?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Meadowlands Rail Station on March 10, 2009

Meadowlands Rail Station on March 10, 2009

I was at the New Meadowlands Stadium today, so I drove by the Meadowlands Rail Station to check on its progress. I’m not sure how to tell if it will be ready to open by this summer, so here are some photos for you to judge for yourself.

Meadowlands (Giants, Jets, and more) Train Service Details Revealed

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The MTA has revealed a ton of details about the expected new rail service to the NJ Meadowlands Sports Complex starting later this year, for NFL NY Giants and NY Jets football games and other Sports Complex events.

Map of Rail Service to the Meadowlands

Map of Rail Service to the Meadowlands

First things first – New Jersey Transit fares:

  • Hoboken to Meadowlands Station = $5.75 per person (off-peak round-trip ticket)
  • Penn Station to Meadowlands Station = $7.75 per person (off-peak round-trip ticket) and $4.00 per person (one-way ticket).
  • Secaucus to Meadowlands Station = $5.00 per person (likely off-peak round trip)
  • Special NJT “game day pass” for season tickets

Number of New Jersey Transit trains per hour, and running times:

  • Three trains from Penn Station in the first 15 minutes of each hour to Secaucus Junction, and the ride is about 12 minutes. From Secaucus, after making the transfer, the ride to the Stadium is about 10 minutes.
  • Hoboken train runs about every 10 minutes to the Stadium. The trip from Hoboken to the Stadium is about 25 minutes.

Metro-North and NJ Transit “Train to the GameTM” – Direct service from the New Haven Line to the Secaucus Junction/Meadowlands for games that kick-off at 1 p.m on Sundays (beginning August 2009):

  • Pre-Game: Two inbound trains from New Haven to Secaucus and one inbound train from Stamford to Secaucus
  • Post-Game: Three outbound trains from Secaucus to New Haven
  • Schedule (PDF) – link may be gone soon
  • Updated Schedule (PDF)
  • Further Updated Schedule (PDF) – link is still live for now, grab it while you can, trust me, it’s good stuff
  • Current Schedule, Valid 9/20/09 thru 10/17/09 (PDF)this is the one you NEED, big changes from the last one
  • Fare: Combined ticket will likely cost your regular Metro-North fare to Grand Central Terminal plus the New Jersey Transit fare outlined above
  • Information learned from the thread at
    • The train will actually be a regularly scheduled NJT train west of Penn Station
    • Train equipment will likely be NJT ALP44 or ALP46 electric locomotives and Comet Multilevel coaches
    • Metro-North and ConnDOT equipment can not be used as they can not handle the voltage changes, power delivery methods, and clearances along the entire route
    • The 32 minute eastbound hold at Penn Station that Train 3646 will experience is due to a lack of slots through the East River Tunnelluckily this wait has been scheduled out of the schedule

NJT makes move to replace Arrow III rail cars

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Photos: NJT Arrow III cars at Princeton Junction, 12/31/2000

New Jersey Transit has announced a desire to replace their fleet of Arrow III electric multiple unit (EMU) rail cars. The media reports than an RFP has been issued, but I see no evidence of it on the NJT website. NJT also stated a desire to have more EMU sets running on local routes. Today, locomotive-hauled train sets cover some or many local runs.

NJ Transit officials have put out requests for proposals to replace the aging cars with similar cars that are powered by motors in each car instead of being hauled by a locomotive, said Richard Sarles, NJ Transit executive director.

Electric-Multiple Unit cars (EMUs) are better for high-density rail lines with more stops, Sarles said.

“Certain areas need quick acceleration,” Sarles said.

I hope these new EMU cars incorporate at least two elements of SEPTA’s new “Silverliner V” EMU cars:

  1. the railfan window
  2. the railfan window seat

Here’s a Railway Age article from June 2006 that discusses the specs being drawn up for the Arrow III replacements, the Arrow IV, and related dual-mode multiple unit (DMMU) cars.

NJT’s 230 Arrow III electric multiple-units will be replaced with the Arrow IV. A sister vehicle to the Arrow IV will be a “DMMU” (dual-mode multiple unit), which will use the same basic architecture (carbody, trucks, propulsion control, a.c. traction motors, HVAC, door controls, cabs, etc.) as the EMU and share a common “A” car. Both vehicles will be configured as married pairs–the EMU as an A-B set, the DMMU as an A-D (for “diesel”) set. The EMU will have all 8 axles powered; its “B” car will carry pantographs, transformers, and other electrical gear. The DMMU’s “D” car will carry two diesel engine/generator sets but its axles will be non-powered.