MARTA’s Yellow Line – some say a poor choice of name

Some in the Asian community in Atlanta do not like the name of the subway line though their community – the Yellow Line. All the MARTA subway lines were renamed last year to reflect colors instead of compass directions.

Article 1: MARTA ‘yellow line’ to Doraville angers some in Asian community

Article 2: Mixed reaction on MARTA’s ‘yellow line’ rebranding

I think I’ll just have to go down there myself to form my opinion 🙂

MARTA Subway Map


4 Responses to “MARTA’s Yellow Line – some say a poor choice of name”

  1. brian says:

    Yeah, same here.

  2. Fanny says:

    Oh I get it now.

    That explains why LA did the Gold Line instead of the Yellow Line. Of course, the LA Metro Gold Line goes to Caltech, Chinatown, Little Tokyo. Those places are full of Asians and you can’t offend them by using the word yellow.

    Makes me wonder why the DC Metro has a Yellow Line that goes to Gallery Place-Chinatown.

    There’s also that CTA Yellow Line in Skokie, IL and in Portland, OR, but I don’t think they specifically serve the Asian neighborhoods there.

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