Javits Center shuttle bus gets a parking ticket

I came across this shuttle bus earlier today. As is not uncommon, it was part of a shuttle bus route connecting Penn Station with the Javits Center. However what was surprising was that this bus was displaying a NYC parking ticket on its windshield!

I don’t like when people park illegally, but come on, ticketing this operation is only going to hurt NYC in the long run. I don’t know where the bus was when it got the ticket, or anything at all about the incident, but it just seems ridiculous. And the fact that the ticket is still sitting there behind the windshield wiper while the driver is present inside the bus means that the driver is probably trying to avoid getting any more tickets by showing that he already has one! That’s a common tactic by delivery truck drivers.

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2 Responses to “Javits Center shuttle bus gets a parking ticket”

  1. bob says:

    Buses should be exempt from following the law? I don’t see why. “It will hurt the city” (economically) is an argument that could be made to protect the drug trade, or the mafia, etc.

    The ticket might well have been for idling – they are supposed to turn off their engines to improve air quality but few do.

  2. brian says:

    Because the city wants people to go to the Javits Center. If they hurt the shuttle bus operation, that potentially prevents people from getting to Javits.