Redesigned New York City Subway Map to debut in June 2010

Concurrent with the subway service revisions planned to take effect June 27, 2010, a new subway map edition will be released that does more than just reflect the changes in service. The new map will still closely resemble the current one, with the following significant design changes:

  • Subway lines shadowed (outlined in gray)
  • Service Guide removed
  • Accessible Stations list removed
  • Bus transfer bubbles compacted
  • Parks will be olive colored
  • Water will be a deeper blue
  • Manhattan will be 30% wider
  • Staten Island will be 50% smaller
  • Other boroughs enlarged
  • Most ferry routes removed

Compare the March 2010 The Map to the New The Map:

March 2010 NYC Subway "The Map"

Proposed new NYC Subway "The Map"

Take a look at many other versions of the NYC Subway Map by browsing my gallery of map scans at

Source: New York Times

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2 Responses to Redesigned New York City Subway Map to debut in June 2010

  1. bob says:

    That gallery of scans is great, especially the 69/71 brochures promising all those new services.

    But it’s time to update the home page.

  2. Matt says:

    Absolute waste of money, the current map was fine IMO, I can only wonder how much this “free” map is going to cost us in the long run. And removing the service guide was a huge mistake in itself.

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