The officers misinterpreted the rules concerning photography

The New York Times got to the bottom of the story of Robert Taylor (an employee of an unidentified transportation agency), who was improperly detained and/or arrested for taking photos in the New York City subway system.

The summons for taking photos states that Robert was “taking photos from the s/b plat of incoming outgoing trains without authority to do so.”  The summons even cited Rule 1050.9 (c), which, as everyone knows, specifically ALLOWS photography in the subway system. Unbelievable.

The NYPD was quick to turn around and admit that the summons was incorrect, but they did not say that the officers would be disciplined or retrained.

In the case of Mr. Taylor, the “officers misinterpreted the rules concerning photography,” said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. “The Transit Adjudication Board is being notified that summons was issued in error, resulting in its dismissal.”

I guess it’s possible these officers had copies of the old rulebook (20+ years old) in which 1050.9(c) says photography is NOT permitted. Don’t laugh, I know someone who saw a cop show him the old rule in his rulebook only a few years ago.


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