Those darn interns and their funny MTA SERVICE ALERT mistakes


maximum LOLs to be had

This NYCT SERVICE ALERT appeared at Tuesday morning. Upon seeing it, I says to myself, I says: “Have trolley tracks been relaid in the Bronx and have the (B), (D), and (F) trains been diverted to run along them?!?!?”

In case you’re not getting the joke, look at the last paragraph.

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3 Responses to “Those darn interns and their funny MTA SERVICE ALERT mistakes”

  1. James D says:

    I can’t even see what they were trying to say. Epic FAIL.

  2. brian says:

    I mean like totally. I went through that area several times and I can assure you that the were no where to be seen. To their credit, the error *was* corrected within about an hour after I made the screen shot.

  3. Newkirk Plaza David says:

    Too bad no one got a screen shot of 1 train service “suspended” between 215 and 242 on 7/11/09 due to marine traffic . . .when there was ZERO 1 service anyway due to that 137 to 242 shuttle bus G.O..

    But this alert is a better gem more than anything else. . .your fare dollars hard at work. Amazing they didn’t mention 76th Street-bound C service.

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