That pesky switch at Dyckman Street (1)


service alert - switch problems at Dyckman - 8-10-09

Service Alert fun for the day

Why exactly does a switch problem at Dyckman Street cause the suspension of southbound (1) train service??

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One Response to That pesky switch at Dyckman Street (1)

  1. bob says:

    Dyckman has switches on both tracks to give access to the center track (which starts there). My best guess is that if the switch on the SB jammed in the reverse position (towards the center track) then trains on the regular (local) SB can’t get past it until someone goes out and hand cranks it back.

    I don’t think that message is particularly well written – they shouldn’t keep running nb all the way to 242 if they will become trapped. Maybe they ran a shuttle from 207 to 242.

    A good example of way you really want more than two tracks – something they will come to regret on 2nd Ave.

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