181 Street Subway Station Collapse – Stupid Person-on-the-Street Comment of the Day

Today’s Metro newspaper features a short(!) article on the subway ceiling collapse at the 181st Street subway station on the (1) line. As usual, the reporter asked some subway rider member of the public to offer an opinion. The genius she chose made this enlightening remark:

“[The 181st Street Station is] old,” said Luz Contreras, 46. “The station at 191st looks old, too. I’m worried if something happens here, it could happen at the other one next.” (emphasis added)

Is that so? No, Luz. The station at 191st Street was COMPLETELY REFURBISHED in 2003-2004. And it looks fantastic. Maybe the nice white tiles and walls have gotten dirty since the renovation, but dirty does not equal old!

Take a look at some photos. In each row, the photo on the left is from before the renovation, and the photo on the right is from after the renovation.

Those last two are the most clear example.

Here are some bonus photos from after the renovation:

Now if you want to complain about something, how about complaining about NYCT’s deplorable operational response to this incident? That’s my next blog post 🙂

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5 Responses to 181 Street Subway Station Collapse – Stupid Person-on-the-Street Comment of the Day

  1. Susan Bergman says:

    No, the one that will collapse is 168. That’s next. It’s a dump.

  2. brian says:

    I doubt it. NYCT will be inspecting 168th Street thoroughly as part of the emergency work to fix 181st Street.

  3. Judy says:

    In a rush to reopen the 181st Street station, I am afraid that NYCT will not give it a thorough overhaul and safety inspection. This station is buried deep underground. It is filthy (not entirely the NYCT’s fault), smelly, and rat infested. I avoid it in the summer. Since it is closed since the ceiling collapse, now would be a good time to give it a major overhaul, followed by strict enforcement of the laws (against littering, dogs, fare-jumping, etc.).

  4. brian says:

    Why do you say that? NYCT has not yet reopened the 181st Street station, and has not yet announced any such date that it will do so. As far as giving it a thorough overhaul, that is a very costly and time consuming process. As was already mentioned by the MTA, “remediation and repair of a significant portion of the ceiling facade” was planned for 2010, and will still go on as planned. It doesn’t sounds like a full station renovation is in the plans, but maybe one isn’t warranted at this time (i.e. there are other stations more deserving). I am totally ok with NYCT simply addressing the safety issues at the station and waiting to do a full rehab when they best deem it prudent.

  5. Alex Engel says:

    Why would they keep the 1/9 designations AFTER renovating the station? It’s not like they were historic.. The 9 train is long gone.

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