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Bus Destination Sign Failure

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

And this bus looks like it was serviced/painted/cleaned-up rather recently, too!

::::shakes head::::

NYCT Bus Orion V 6257 (Bx20). Note that the destination sign is broken and two "paper 20's" can be seen behind the windshield.

NYCT Bus Orion V 6257 (Bx20). Note that the destination sign is broken and two "paper 20's" can be seen behind the windshield.

Photo taken with my cell phone camera. Please excuse the poor quality.


Sunday, May 10th, 2009


ChaxllChxxChxx (10:38:29 PM): hello there!
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:38:38 PM): do i have a story and photo for you!
Pxxxxxx (10:38:42 PM): y helo
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:38:46 PM): so
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:38:48 PM): friday night
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:00 PM): wife and i are having our sabbath dinner
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:09 PM): i look over at I-87
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:12 PM): the Major Deegan
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:17 PM): which we can see from our apt
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:24 PM): and i see this fireball
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:43 PM): so we get up
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:45 PM): and look
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:50 PM): and sure enough there’s this fire
Pxxxxxx (10:39:58 PM): cool
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:39:59 PM): and then all the emergency vehicles come
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:07 PM): and this thing is burning for like 10 minutes
Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (10:40:13 PM): i keep telling you
Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (10:40:17 PM): you need to hire a shabbos goy!
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:34 PM): now every firday night we usually see some kind of accident from our window
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:36 PM): traffic stops
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:44 PM): and all these emergency vehicles go by
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:50 PM): but this was the coolest one by far
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:40:59 PM): so that was friday night
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:05 PM): Sat nite we drove to Home Depot
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:11 PM): and on the 230th st overpass
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:14 PM): over I-87
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:20 PM): i see a burned out car!
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:28 PM): i’m like WHOA THAT’s IT!!!
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:44 PM): so this morning we drive back there and my wife took a photo of it
(10:41:54 PM) fxxxxxxxxxx has entered the room.
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:41:56 PM):
Pxxxxxx (10:41:57 PM): lol
fxxxxxxxxxx (10:42:07 PM): so there was a chat and I wasn’t informed
Pxxxxxx (10:42:10 PM): it’s a hulk
Pxxxxxx (10:42:13 PM): precisely
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:42:15 PM): yeah
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:42:27 PM): you missed the story fxxxxxxx
Pxxxxxx (10:42:57 PM): it that a Camry?
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:45:11 PM): looks like a Camry
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:45:14 PM): i’m pretty sure it is
ChaxllChxxChxx (10:45:21 PM): pre 2007
fxxxxxxxxxx (10:45:24 PM): Yes, it’s a Camry

VIDEO: Bus driver texts and crashes

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

The driver of a bus carrying disabled passengers in Texas whipped out his cellphone in traffic while doing what looks like 40+ MPH and prompty smashed into several vehicles. Luckily it was all captured on tape.

Subway contractor screws up Herald Square escalator rehab

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Workers fixing an escalator at 34 St - Herald Sq on 9/6/2006.

Today’s amNY newspaper reports that subway contractor Fujitec America botched the $36 million installation of new escalators in the Herald Square subway station. It’s gotten so bad, that this weekend, 5 of the 12 escalators were out of service. Why is this so complicated???

The MTA spent $36 million last year to overhaul the Herald Square escalators. But the contractor, Fujitec America, didn’t install the equipment correctly and must make mechanical adjustments, New York City Transit officials said.

Throughout the subway system, the average number of failures on MTA-operated escalators jumped 46 percent in the last quarter of 2008 compared to 2006, according to the latest Transit reports.

“We respond as quickly as possible in house,” said Transit President Howard Roberts during a recent MTA board meeting. “But we have little leverage with our current contracts to … get warranty repairs made.”

Fujitec America could not be reached for comment Sunday.

Media reports on New York City’s old buses

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
This bus was delivered in 1994 or 1995, making it up to 15 years old.

This bus (#457), seen here in the Bronx earlier this year, was delivered in 1995/1996, making it up to 14 years old.

Today’s amNewYork newspaper contains an article about the state of New York City Transit’s bus fleet.

The MTA bus fleet isn’t aging gracefully.

Because demand is forcing more additional buses onto the street, more than one out of four in operation are at least 12 years old, the age when the vehicles are supposed to be retired.

Mechanics say they have increasingly found themselves tearing out engines and bus underbellies, while some drivers just blatantly refuse to get behind the wheel of the older models.

Expensive overhauls bring the old clunkers back to life, but it hasn’t transformed ugly ducklings into swans – meaning more breakdowns and delays for riders.

“Everyday the rails are cracking, the bulkheads are cracking,” said Bob Keith, a bus mechanic for 24 years who is running to become a union leader. “We are welding them all and putting them back into service. But that’s a temporary fix.”

I hate buses just as much as anyone, but I’m not so sure if things are really as bad as the article makes them out to be. Though I can say that some of the buses on my Bronx bus routes are up to 16 years old, and some of them rattle and shake like crazy. While I’d like new buses, I don’t want the new buses New York City Transit is purchasing (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post). So instead, I’d prefer to ride the “newer” buses from the existing fleet. That, or give me a 30+ year old vintage bus from the Transit Museum fleet 🙂

The article also included some stats:

Buses in the Big Apple
1,700: buses in the fleet are 12 years or older.
6,200: total buses in the fleet
3,950: average number of miles between bus breakdowns in January, up 20 percent from 2007

NYC Subway celebrates opening days at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

New York City Transit wants you to “Take the Train to the Game” when it comes to New York baseball. And while that includes the number 7 subway to Citi Field, the B, D, and 4 subway lines to the new Yankee Stadium, and a few bus lines no one has ever heard of, does it also include historic nostalgia subway trains from the New York Transit Museum collection?

Well, they’ve done it before – they ran the Train of Many Colors (aka the SMEEs) to both the final METS opening day and the final METS game at Shea Stadium last year, and they ran the Lo-V train to the final YANKEES game at the old Yankee Stadium last year.

And now NYCT is advertising the opening days at brand new Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium as a “Special Event” (click on the poster below).


Seems like they are going all out. So we may just be going for some historical subway rides two weeks from now!

British Transport Police Patrol New York’s Penn Station

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
British Transport Police patrol New York's Penn Station in an exchange program with the Amtrak Police Department.

British Transport Police patrol New York's Penn Station in an exchange program with the Amtrak Police Department.

Walking through the Amtrak concourse at the rathole Penn Station this morning, I came upon the gaggle of British Transport Police (BTP), still decked out in the traditional Bobby’s helmets and all, who were last seen in Philly on Tuesday. After checking out Dunkin’ Donuts at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, maybe they came up to New York to check out Krispy Kreme? I’m kidding. I did not see them stop by the Krispy Kreme store in the Amtrak Rotunda. But when I left, they were heading in that direction…

Actually, their Late Winter 09 Tour schedule was published in a couple news articles on Tuesday about the exchange program with Amtrak Police, but I didn’t notice them. So it’s a good thing I was running a few minute late today!

Here are the photos that I took. Note: I was thankfully not arrested for taking these photos 🙂

Boston has a bad week

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Traffic and transit news from Boston.

Source of the second item: Transportation Communications Newsletter

There’s a hole in the platform at the 231 St station

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The 231 St station on the (1) in the Bronx was recently rehabbed. All new station house, elevators, and paint.

But the concrete platforms were only patched – they were not completely replaced. When the station reopened, you could clearly see all the patches along the platforms.

Since then, besides getting hit by a couple trucks, the station seems to have been faring pretty well. However, last week I noticed a some wood nailed to a spot on the platform. I assumed it was a developing crack that would be addressed soon. It hasn’t been yet, but that’s not why I’m writing this post.

This morning, a few feet past the wooden band-aid, I saw a small hole in the platform that you can see straight through down to the street.


It appears that the hole formed within one of the “patch job” areas from the rehab, but I could be wrong. I’m not qualified at the moment to make a judgment on this, but maybe the entire concrete platforms should have been replaced during the rehab, and not just patched? It’s only been a couple years since the rehab… We’ll see if the platforms continue to deteriorate.

More photos:

A better response from the MTA concerning the window ads

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

For those of you just joining us, I wrote the MTA last night to complain about ads covering the subway car windows, and I received a less than satisfactory response. I wrote to them again this afternoon, and have now received a reply to that second inquiry:

This is in response to your most recent e-mail to New York City Transit regarding advertisements on subway car windows.

We regret any inconvenience.  Please be assured that we have forwarded your comments to supervision in our Department of Subways for their review.   If you have other transit-related concerns, you may call Customer Services at (718) 330-3322, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or write to NYCT Customer Services, New York City Transit, 2 Broadway, Room A11.146, New York, NY 10004.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

I’m in! My complaint will now be sent on to the next level of review, and hopefully in 4 to 6 weeks I’ll receive a response worth sharing with all you. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to email the MTA, like I did, and make your voices heard on this issue. NO WINDOW ADS!