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The Great Broadway Bus Rerouting of 2009

Since NYC DOT is closing Broadway through Times Square in Manhattan and turning it into a pedestrian plaza, several bus routes are being rerouted off of Broadway and onto 7 Av. This happens May 25, 2009. And as a bonus, … Continue reading

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Pull the cords on the buses

The New York Times City Room Blog has a piece today on the return of bell cords to New York City buses. It is specifically the new Orion VII Next Generation buses that have these bell cords.  While I think … Continue reading

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Vintage IND subway train to run in service April 29

In honor of New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg declaring April 29th, 2009 “Duke Ellington Day,” The Islands Of The Bahamas is sponsoring a free ride (no additional cost beyond the normal subway fare) on the New York City … Continue reading

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Long Island Rail Road to hold 175th Anniversary Celebration

This Friday the Long Island Rail Road will be celebrating its 175th Anniversary with events at both Penn Station and Jamaica station. Penn Station – 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM – United States Postal Service will be hand canceling letters … Continue reading

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New escalators at Penn Station street entrance

At the Eighth Avenue / 31st Street entrance to Amtrak’s concourse at Penn Station, there exists two staircases and a single escalator. The escalator usually runs up in the AM rush (until 10 AM) and runs down at all other … Continue reading

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Amtrak Quik-Trak Machines Down

Amtrak’s Quik-Trak Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks at New York Penn Station are all out of service. Customers are being told that their email confirmation printouts will be accepted onboard the trains as tickets for today only. Also, tickets will be sold … Continue reading

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British Transport Police Patrol New York’s Penn Station

Walking through the Amtrak concourse at the rathole Penn Station this morning, I came upon the gaggle of British Transport Police (BTP), still decked out in the traditional Bobby’s helmets and all, who were last seen in Philly on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Amtrak guerrilla marketing campaign?

I saw this ad and many others plastered over the normal ads on my New York City Subway train this evening. I doubt it is a real marketing campaign by Amtrak. So who did it?

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double-decker buses to return to new york city

A NYC Transit official confirmed that double-decker buses will be running in New York City this summer (or by the end of the year) as a test for possible future permanent service. Double-decker buses used to run along Fifth Avenue … Continue reading

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I saw Sigourney Weaver at Fashion Week!

I came in through the backstage/VIP entrance to The Tent and she was right there, having her photo taken! I was standing right behind the photographer when this photo was taken. I then went into The Tent to see the … Continue reading

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